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Welcome to 
The Diva Dive Colorbar    Studio

We aren't your Mother's salon!! We Drop F bombs on the regular, Dance like no one is watching, laugh from our bellies & believe in Unicorn magic! The music can be as Loud as the Creative works of art Jens creates, We serve wine , talk Real TEA.. We are a SAFE Salon for ALL!

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Get to Know Jenn

HI, all You Beautiful People! I’m Jenn Palacios, Owner, Creator and Master Celebrity Stylist at The Diva Dive Color Bar & Studio!


When it comes to Hair there is no challenge I haven’t met with my shears! From the Various Locations across the US that have allowed me to broaden my spectrum, & hair color pallet, to the amazing people I have met that I now consider family. From blunt bobs dyed dark to long rainbow tresses with undercuts.

I have even tamed the unruliest of curls…. In short, I’ve colored and cut it all! 


"When I’m not working, my family takes center stage!" 



Jenn’s work has been featured in In-Style Magazine with Battle of the Salon 2018, her work has been worn on T.V. by WWE, AEW, WOW, & ROH Women Wrestlers. She has also won numerous awards including the Saint Baldricks Foundation Patron Charity Award 2017, Best of ROUND ROCK 2020, and has participated in charity events like Cuts for Kids for multiple years, she and her family also do private charity work for the homeless. 


Jenn has over 20 years of experience working with hair and makeup and has had her scissors and brushes grace the locks of many celebs!  



“What I feel when that smile appears on my client’s face, knowing I was able to create that unique look that they feel great in; That cannot be described in words!”  ~Jenn Palacios



Jenn has created an over-all experience not just a typical hair appointment in a waiting room full of strangers, that makes you feel like just another number in line at the DMV!

Travelling Coast to Coast, she realized it was time to take her expertise and show the world how being DIFFERENT should be CELECBRATED, not overlooked.


It’s time to break down those walls and see what this Diversity Supporting, coffee loving, {“White Chocolate Mocha Please!”}, Amazing, Caring and Vibrant Woman wants to bring to You!  



“Now let’s go make you look F*in Beautiful!"





1019 W. University Ave

Suite 310 room 204

Georgetown, Tx 78628





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